Your heritage deserves a trusted partner

Whatever your vision and your ambitions, you must be able to trust a partner who understands your expectations and looks after your interests

Quintet Luxembourg - support for your projects

Your private banker, a real support for your projects

People used to talk to their banker, as to a close friend. With us, it's always the case. On your arrival, a person of trust welcomes you and examines with your personal and financial situation. He/she takes the time to listen to you. This seamless exchange allows us to measure your expectations, your knowledge and your experience of the financial world, understand your questions, to better identify your objectives and your investor profile.

Quintet Luxembourg - Customized solutions for managing your assets

Customized solutions for managing your assets

At Quintet Luxembourg, we do not offer you a ready-made solution. Your situation and your needs are unique, so it makes sense the heritage solutions and the team that accompanies you are equally.

We collaborate with partners to complement our service offering and provide you with the best options for wealth planning today and in the future.

Quintet Luxembourg - personalize advice

A personalize advice according to your profile

Subject to your investment profile, we will suggest the solutions that suit you best.

Depending on whether you want to be involved in the day-to-day management of your wealth, or not involved at all, your private banker will propose you four mandates:

  • Advisory
  • Active Advisory
  • Strategic
  • Execution only

A solid investment strategy

and a global approach for relevant and personalized answers


Customized management

We are releasing the assets in order to build a diversified portfolio, adapted to your investment strategy.



We invest in companies with a clear business model, transparent balance sheets and high profitability



We invest in companies with a clear business model, transparent balance sheets and high profitability

Center of Excellence

We can find solutions to all your expectations, thanks to our expertise on some key issues.

  • Teams of specialized professionals from all of our pan-European
  • Focus on implementing integrated solutions
  • With long experience in cross-border operations

Centre d’excellence

Let’s discuss your needs and priorities

By exchanging with you, we will be more able to bring you tailor-made solutions

Plan the life you want

Plan the life you want

Each of you has specific needs and different priorities. Our job is to help you plan your life, by anticipating every step of your life. By preparing for these sometimes complex events, expected or not, you will be better able to face it, without having to change anything to your way of life

Start planning