For a richer life, however you define it

Earning your trust

We understand that trust has to be earned, not claimed. As a partner that strives to earn your trust, we are committed to growing and protecting your wealth as if it were our own.

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Seeing the world differently.

We believe that embracing various points of view leads to better decisions, especially in times when uncertainty is a certainty. That’s why we don’t shy away from asking difficult questions when we manage your money. We seek to provoke and inspire you with an honest, differentiated view of the world, markets and opportunities.

Discover COUNTERPOINT – our view on the world in the second half of 2020

for a Richer Life

From possessions to a world of possibility.

For a Richer Life is an initiative powered by Quintet, challenging convention with a new type of conversation about what matters most.

In June, Jakob Stott, Tess McLeod and Huib Vermeulen of Quintet, discuss putting purpose before possessions, and powering a new movement towards a Richer Life.

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Personal service focused on what really matters.

We are small enough to be personal, and big enough to give you access to the world. As a private bank for people who see the world differently, we partner with you to provide insights and introduce opportunities.

True independence

We’re an independent bank, which means we are entirely focused on working for you, and towards your goals.

Modern investing

Our investment strategies can help you make returns that positively impact both your wealth and the world.


We focus on relationships, rather than transactions, and build bridges between your business, family and wealth needs, extending both investment expertise and long-term financial planning.

Answers to the questions you care about most

Answers to the questions you care about most.

We understand that the purpose of wealth – today and for future generations – is always deeply personal. Discover a private bank that listens carefully, thinks ahead and delivers performance. So you can focus on what really matters to you and your family.

What People Say

“The bank has a gift for making complex financial matters easy for me to understand, which I see as a great asset. I have always felt that my finances are in a safe pair of hands.”

“We have been clients for the last two years, and feel fully confident about the recommendations that have been given and the clear and concise way our investments have been managed.”

We take time to listen

How can we help you invest in a richer life?